The Worcester Boys & Girls Club has a long tradition in the community for guiding and mentoring city youths to become responsible citizens and help their ability to succeed in life. The Club was first founded in 1889 and has had many sites across Worcester including Barton Place, Ionic Ave and Lincoln Square. The Club has called Tainter Street its home since construction of their new building in 2006.

An important part of the clubs program line-up includes the Boys & Girls Club Boxing program. The Boxing program, led by trainer and coach, Carlos Garcia, allows members to take part in a daily exercise and training routine. The program annually sends members to national level competitions and has members that go on to fight professionally. Jose Rivera, Edwin Rodriquez, Bobby Harris, Sean Fitzgerald have all trained at the Worcester Boys & Girls Club.

These images were created between 2007-2011 in co-operation with the Boys & Girls Club and the Give Kids A Fighting Chance Charity Organization which raises upwards of $100,00 every year for the Boys & Girls Club.


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